AFIS, Association Française pour l'Information Scientifique, that is the French Association for Scientific Information, promotes science against those who deny its cultural value, deviate its aims to unacceptable goals or use it's very name to cover bogus enterprises. Science cannot by itself cure the ills that beset humankind, but its very problems cannot be solved without using the scientific method. Citizens must be informed of progress in science and technology, of the questions new discoveries involve, in a way sufficiently understandable to make up their own mind, without submitting to pressures or distortions of private interest. But in the first place they must be made aware of the existence of false science, pseudoscience, and the never ending mercantile rumble the media make about them.

AFIS is eager to select the most notoriously published and promoted inventions and discoveries to point at their human implications and values, contribute to the airing of scientific information in a language everybody can understand, fight the disseminators of distorted ideas like astrology and OVNIs, uncover sectarian propaganda, quacks and other purveyors of the irrational. This puts us exactly at the opposite of obscurantism, rebirth, faith healing, and divine miracles.

AFIS is an independent organisation, manned by unpaid and thus completely free people, none of whom would be caught conceding to sensationalism, misinformation or complacency towards the irrational.